Strings and Percussion

strings and percussion
Keith Moreau
“Strings and Percussion”
Coloured Pencil
22″ x 28″

This illustration was commissioned by the Brampton Folk Club as part of the design for their 2003 Cd “Showcase”. Keith designed the Cd cover inserts and the Cd imprint design.
Keith is the artist behind Big Art Buzz and welcomes you to the creative hive.
To see more of Keith’s artwork, check out his Facebook page.

Natalie Wood

Natalie Woods
Peter Emslie
“Natalie Wood”
Brush and ink with colour added in Photoshop
11″ x 17″
Reproduction printed on quality 11″ x 17″ heavy weight paper stock
$20 plus shipping

Peter Emslie is a former Disney illustrator.

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