Dancing with Clarity

Brian J. Michon
“Dancing with Clarity”
Acrylic on canvas
24″ X 48″
(Portrait of Victor Chapais)

“When viewing the dancers, I often imagine them bravely working through their trials and tribulations, while at the same time giving themselves to the Creator. The conviction in doing so allows one to break through the mist and see things with clarity.”

Brian calls the painting – “Dancing with Clarity”.

Along with his amazing portraits Brian enjoys painting landscapes.
Brian is from Geraldton, Ontario.


The Old Post Office

Albert Seaman
“The Old Post Office”
Pen and ink drawing

Illustration included on page 26 for the 1978 book
“Heritage Brampton-An illustrated review of some of the fine old buildings in the City- 1978”
Published by the City of Brampton Heritage Boar

Port Hope artist, Albert Seaman, lived in Brampton for many years and was active as an artist and heritage enthusiast when he created his amazing illustrations that enhanced the publication.

Albert and Andy Donato had launched a Bramalea art group in the years before this Heritage Board publication. Albert served as Chairman of the Brampton Library Board also.

Burt Reynolds

Peter Emslie
“Burt Reynolds”
Brush and ink with colour added in Photoshop Reproduction printed on quality 11″ x 17″ heavy weight paper stock.

$20 plus shipping

“I’m broken-hearted to hear that we lost Burt Reynolds. Back in the 70s and 80s, ol’ Burt was one of my top favourite film actors. Dashingly handsome, incredibly athletic, and charmingly funny.”

Peter Emslie is a former Disney illustrator.

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