Stanley Starling

C. A. Seaman
“Stanley Starling of the Air Museum”
Coloured pencil on watercolour paper
9″ X 12″

Stanley Starling of the Air Museum. This character is based upon the bird that found itself inside the National Air Force Museum just before Christmas last year. I actually caught him for a minute, but he wriggled out of my hands. I’ve never held a bird before and found the experience to be amazing.

In the end, he was caught and taken outside to enjoy the holidays in freedom. I wrote a story inspired by the incident and will self-publish it when I find time to do the illustrations.

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Manna page 1

C.A. Seaman
“Manna, page 1”
Powdered pastels illustration for graphic novel “Manna” written and illustrated by Cobourg artist C. A. Seaman. This is a new direction that Christopher has taken for illustrating his story.

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C. A. Seaman
From Free Comic Book Day
Coloured pencil and marker
Commissioned art on variant coverstock.
Coloured pencil and ink

Rural Rustic

C. A. Seaman
“Rural Rustic”
Ink drawing (black and colour)
8″ x 10″

Christopher is an author/illustrator living in Cobourg. He is currently working on his graphic novel ” Mana”. Based on Canada’s help given to the Dutch people during the war, he has extensively researched the architecture, fashion and autos and aircraft of that time period to portray the illustrations and narrative as accurately as possible to enhance his story.

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Christopher’s Portfolio

Works by C. A. Seaman compiled for Upper Level Artworks
A Sesquicentennial Project of Big Art Buzz.
There are ten square details of works in each frame and 15 frames
which showcases a total of 150 works for Canada’s 150th.
This is the third posting of the 15 portfolios.

You may see much more of Christopher’s works at

Concept and design of project by Keith Moreau.