Free Bags

free bags
Bridget Aubé
“Free Bags”
22″ x  20″

Bridget Aubé     1927-2007
As a self-trained artist, Bridget worked in many mediums and excelled in all. She was a prolific talent with the main area of interest being in still life. Someone at a one-women show of her works said that she would love to learn from Bridget and Bridget responded that she wasn’t a teacher. She helped so many who worked alongside her, she was a teacher.
Food and florals often had prominence in her works but some of her still life were as simple as a pair of shoes, perfectly placed in a well designed image. Exquisite.
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Frank Sinatra

SinatraPeter Emslie
“Frank Sinatra”
Brush and ink with colour added in Photoshop
11′”x 17″
Reproduction printed on quality 11″ x 17″ heavy weight paper stock
$20 plus shipping

Peter Emslie is a former Disney illustrator.
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