The HuntMargaret Sarah Pardy

“The Hunt”
Watercolour on Scratchboard
16″ x 20″

“The Hunt” was accepted into the 2014 International Society of Scratchboard Artists annual show. The exhibit was in Carey, North Carolina that year.

To see more of animal artist Margaret’s works visit: and see this Brampton, Ontario artist’s beautiful animal art.

Free Bags

free bags
Bridget Aubé
“Free Bags”
22″ x  20″

Bridget Aubé     1927-2007
As a self-trained artist, Bridget worked in many mediums and excelled in all. She was a prolific talent with the main area of interest being in still life. Someone at a one-women show of her works said that she would love to learn from Bridget and Bridget responded that she wasn’t a teacher. She helped so many who worked alongside her, she was a teacher.
Food and florals often had prominence in her works but some of her still life were as simple as a pair of shoes, perfectly placed in a well designed image. Exquisite.
Contact: bigartbuzz@gmail  to enquire about purchasing works by Bridget.