Burleigh Chute

Robert Chisholm
“Burleigh Chute”
12″ X 36″
Acrylic on wood panel

Robert Chisholm is noted for his impressionistic, intuitive style that, with a combination of a limited palette and freedom of brushstrokes, allows the painting to evolve.
Born in Nova Scotia, this award winning artist works mainly in oils and acrylics and lives in Orangeville and is a valued member of the Headwaters Art Group and Southern Ontario Visual Artists. His East Coast influence emerges in his portraits and landscapes.

Visit Robert at studio 202 in the Alton Mill Arts Centre
1402 Queen Street, Alton, Ontario.


Stanley Starling

C. A. Seaman
“Stanley Starling of the Air Museum”
Coloured pencil on watercolour paper
9″ X 12″

Stanley Starling of the Air Museum. This character is based upon the bird that found itself inside the National Air Force Museum just before Christmas last year. I actually caught him for a minute, but he wriggled out of my hands. I’ve never held a bird before and found the experience to be amazing.

In the end, he was caught and taken outside to enjoy the holidays in freedom. I wrote a story inspired by the incident and will self-publish it when I find time to do the illustrations.

You may see much more of Christopher’s works at http://picsandprose.com/