What’s Up Doc

Margaret Sarah Pardy
“What’s Up Doc?”
5″ X 7″

Margaret is an international Ontario artist. Her creative process starts with her original photographs of nature, and then takes the best images to work up her composition. Many times she uses multiple images for reference to create her final composition.

Her studio and gallery space at the Alton Mills Art Centre at 1402 Queen St., Alton, Ontario. She also participates in various juried shows across southern Ontario and the United States.


Study in Orange and Green

Keith Moreau
“Study in Orange and Green”
“Study in Orange and Green” Four colour “tusche and glue” technique hand-pulled limited edition serigraph. This technique allows for a looser style since the screen stencil is hand painted as apposed to hand cut.
16″ X 20″

Keith is the artist behind Big Art Buzz and welcomes you to the creative hive.
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