Brian J. Michon
30″ x 60″
Oil painting

“Spent a few years on this painting, most of which it just sat there without me working on it. It’s called Reflection and is pretty much self explanatory (I think). I guess it’s quite personal and something I had to go through at a young age to get to where I am now. It’s not so much a religious painting, instead I use the imagery to portray an inner faith compelling me to do the right things, at least in this case. I assume it’s an ongoing issue we all go through regardless of the subject matter.”

Brian is from Geraldton, Ontario.

Spirit of the Dance #5

Brian J. Michon
“Spirit of the Dance #5″
Acrylic on canvas
24″ x 36”
“Here is another painting in my Spirit of Dance series (number 5) in which I attempt to employ a very loose and quickly executed approach. The primal feel taken by the dancers, is hopefully what I convey in my work when attempting to portray the nobility and courage of the dancers.”
Brian is from Geraldton, Ontario.



Sesqui Romp

Keith Moreau
“Sesqui Romp”
Video of decorated Muskoka chair zipping around a backyard in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Keith is the designer/manager of and the artist who organized and curated the “Upper Level Artworks” exhibit and welcomes you to our creative “hive”.

To see more of Keith’s artwork, check out his Facebook page.