Birds Eye View

Margaret Sarah Pardy
“Bird’s Eye View”
Scratchboard and watercolour
Available at her studio 203 Alton Mill Art Centre

“Bird’s Eye View” accepted into International Society of Scratchboard Artists 2018 exhibit at the Middleton Arts Center.  This is the 4th year Margaret has works accepted into this annual show of scratchboard art.
One of three of Margaret’s works represented by Xanadu Gallery starting September 2019.
Located in Scottsdale and Pinetop.

A Barn Owl scanning the distance for his prey.
Margaret has 10 works in our 4 minute video
Sesqui 150 Artworks (3rd listing in list to the left in the yellow bar.)

Sesqui 150 artworks

Buzz artists square details
“Sesqui 150 artworks”
4 minute video in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday

Four minute video showcasing the talents of Ontario artists in a slideshow format of square details. The video was created in conjunction with a Sesqui project launched earlier in the year. “Upper Level Artworks” is a display of 15 framed portfolio posters at the Brampton Library on the upper level of the Mount Pleasant Village Branch. In each of the 15 frames are 10 square details totaling 150 works of Buzz artists.
The same 150 works are in this video for those who can’t make it to Brampton to see the exhibit.

Buzz artists included in the exhibit and video are:
Anthony Jenkins, Bridget Aubé, Charles Weiss, Conrad Mieschke,
D. Scott Taylor, Lu Robitaille, Margaret Sarah Pardy, Mary Noble,
Peter Emslie, C. A. Seaman, Sheila Vander Wier, William Band,
William Simmons, Peter Scott, Hugh Niblock and Keith Moreau.

Canopy of Love

Sheila Vander Wier
“Canopy of Love”
Oil on canvas
24″ x 18″
In honour of Canada’s 150 years celebration.

Artist Bio:
Growing up I always enjoyed art.  Whenever I had a chance during my travels I would visit art galleries and be in awe of the artists creations.
I am a self taught artist who is inspired by the beauty of God’s creation.
I enjoy the challenge of creating with oil and acrylic on canvas.
I thank the Lord for giving me such a wonderful gift that I can share with others.
It has been exciting to have my work accepted in the open Juried
Show and Wildlife Show at Beaux-arts in 2012.
Receiving honorable mention and peoples choice award has inspired me in my art work.  Over the past years I have also painted set piece for the Brampton Music Theater and it is a thrill to see everything come together on stage.
This is been a great adventure and looking forward to what the future holds.