Brian J. Michon
24″ x 36″

Brian finished this painting prior to Christmas 2017.  The painting is called Fancyman, which happens to be the name commonly associated with this dancer.  His real name is Francis Goodchild.  Brian wanted to keep the painting in the same vein as his previous paintings which incorporates a colourful, abstract background with the portraits.

Along with his amazing portraits Brian enjoys painting landscapes.

Brian is from Geraldton, Ontario.

Cinque Terra

Brenda Loschiavo
“Cinque Terra”
Oil on canvas
30″ x 40″

“Buzz” artist Brenda Loschiavo Fine Artist/Instructor at Alton Mill.

Brenda creates oil paintings in her studio from hundreds of hours of plein air painting in Europe and North America. Her focus is on classical and impressionistic styles and her paintings are respected in the national and international art world.
She offers small classes and private lessons in oil at her Alton Mill location.

Original oils are for sale as well as prints on Fine Art America.

For info on classes: