Celine Dion

Brian J. Michon
“Celine Dion”
Oil on canvas
2′ X 3′

“Here is an oil painting based on the career of Celine Dion. The concept was to show Celine in various stages of her career by merging various sections of images from her past up to present day. I wanted to create a portrait that was far from traditional, while still being able to keep a likeness. Painted as a tribute to a friend. I think I will do one more in this style geared to a different audience.

As well, since parts of images were used to base this painting off of and in keeping with Fair Use Guidelines, this work does not directly copy any full work of photographed material. The intent was to comment on said subject matter in hopes of documenting a long career by creating a new artwork whose concept is entirely my own thus eliminating any confusion as to the creator of the work.

Along with his amazing portraits Brian enjoys painting landscapes.
Brian is from Geraldton, Ontario.