Flower Festival

Keith Moreau
“Flower Festival”
Pen & ink illustration

Pen and ink rendering with background in brush and ink.The lettering is done by hand. Festival “queen” drawn from a photo staged with Janice. The annual festival was started because Brampton is “Flower City”. When I moved to Brampton in the mid ’70s there were still some of the large greenhouses.

Keith is the artist behind Big Art Buzz and welcomes you to the creative hive.
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Alice Munro & Saul Bellow

Books illustration. Alice Munro. Credit: Anthony Jenkins / The Globe and Mail

Anthony Jenkins
“Alice Munro”

R.I.P., Nobel Prize laureate, Canada’s Alice Munro, 1931 – 2024.

Anthony Jenkins
“Saul Bellow”

“You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.” American author Saul Bellow.


Spring Tree Swallow

Margaret Sarah Pardy
“Spring Tree Swallow”
Scratchboard and watercolour

Margaret is very excited and honored to have her piece titled ‘Spring Tree Swallow’ accepted into the prestiges Artist for Conservation annual international show. 169 Artists works from 11 countries from around the world are included in this show of 200 pieces for the online show and 84 of the works are included in the live show which she chose not to be included in. Some of the top wildlife artists from around the world are included in this show.