Bellissimo and I Got Your Back

Margaret Sarah Pardy
8″ X 8″
Trumpeter Swans
From photo reference she shot at Heartlake Conservation, Brampton

Margaret Sarah Pardy
“I Got Your Back”
8″ X 10″
Reference from Cincinnati Zoo.

Happy to find that this isone of two of my pieces were accepted into the San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Centres’ , International On Line Juried show called “Call of the Wild”. This show is based out of Encino, California. The show runs from May 1st until May 31st, 2021.

Margaret’s an international artist. Her creative process starts with her original photographs of nature, and then takes the best images to work up her composition. Many times she uses multiple images for reference to create her final composition.

Her studio and gallery space at the Alton Mills Art Centre at 1402 Queen St., Alton, Ontario. She also participates in various juried shows across southern Ontario and the United States.